Gilbert McCarragher



Prospect Cottage: Derek Jarman’s House

Published by Thames & Hudson, McCarragher’s work opens the door onto this previously undisturbed, unseen world — the Dungeness home of artist and filmmaker, Derek Jarman. This is the first time a photographer has so extensively documented the house — an artwork in its own right, which encapsulates Jarman’s vision of the world.

Set against a poignant story of love and loss, McCarragher’s photographs are accompanied by reflective essays that take the reader inside the cottage and reveal something of its history and the experience of photographing there.

Foreword by Frances Borzello. Hardback. 192 pages. 165 colour illustrations.

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Home Farm Cooking

Photographed entirely in the Pawson family home in Oxfordshire and its immediate surroundings, Home Farm Cooking is a personal account of the rituals of cooking and eating. Photograhy by Gilbert McCarragher. Published by Phaidon.

Hiatus: Architekturen für die gebrauchte Stadt

Contributor to Hiatus, an examination of successful models of multifunctional architectural densification, by Ute Frank, Verena Lindenmayer, Patrick Loewenberg and Carla Rocneanu. Published by Birkhäuser.

Life House: a small guide to living

Life House, designed by John Pawson, is an uncompromisingly modern design where one can inhabit a different sort of architectural space. Photography by Gilbert McCarragher.


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